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RGS Energy Customer Reviews + Testimonials

RGS Energy made the process completely comfortable by being accommodating and by using a no-pressure approach. We decided on the power purchase agreement and are very excited about the tens of thousands of dollars that we’ll be saving over the years to come.”

Brooke + Ryan – Kingsburg, CA

Sean – Fairfax, CA

Going solar just makes sense to me. The ability to produce our own power and be independent and environmentally responsible was a huge driver for us. I expect that our system will literally and figuratively power our lives.”

Sue R. – Colombia County, NY

We decided to give ourselves the gift of solar energy. I’m excited about this cool green project, and am happy to be doing something to preserve this planet for my small son.”

Alexander N. – Annandale, NJ

Where else can you get this certain a performance on an investment?”

Kirk P. – Jericho, VT

With the cost of electricity today, the payback for the system will occur in short order. In fact, I view this as a retirement investment. I know of no other investment this safe and with this level of projected return.”

David S. – Fullerton, CA

I’m really thrilled to see how much electricity my panels generate and to know that I’m doing my bit to contribute to the health and welfare of the planet.”

Lee E. – Amherst, MA

We compared several solar companies, but RGS Energy answered all of our questions and concerns and delivered the quote that made the most financial sense for us.”

Patrick H. – Lakewood, CO

I wanted to thank all of the great folks at your organization for standing in back of your customer service. Although it took several months to resolve a problem that really wasn’t yours to begin with, it shows that after several acquisitions you back up the product and service originally committed to.”

Tom R. – Gales Ferry, CT

Mark S. – Santa Cruz, CA

The system is exceeding expectations so far. The workmanship is of excellent quality, and the staff was knowledgeable and extremely efficient from the initial estimate through the commissioning of the system. Anyone who cares about the planet should give a system like this serious consideration.”

Tony P. – Middletown, CT

Hopefully, this will help our whole community. Wouldn’t it be great if Holyoke, MA went down in history as a town that had a minimal carbon footprint because of our harnessing of the sun?”

Dan + Laurie – Holyoke, MA

I am an engineer and I have a spreadsheet for just about every aspect of life that can be data driven. RGS Energy simply offered the best overall system at the lowest price ($/kwh) with the best customer service and technical advice hands down.”

Mark P. – Rensselaer, NY

Ward M. – Santa Cruz, CA

Working with RGS Energy was a pleasure from start to finish. My system has worked without a hitch and every now & then I go look at my panel to see how much electricity I’m selling to Xcel Energy and just grin.”

Kate W. – Boulder, CO

Electricity without solar? Yuk. Even if SCE rates DON’T rise (and pigs fly), we would have paid Edison between $130K and $140K over 20 years.”

Bob + Lori (and son) – Visalia, CA

When RGS Energy came in and showed us that we could have the system paid off in four years, it was a no brainer. My only regret is that I didn’t do this 10 years ago!”

Jack C. – Somerset County, NJ

RGS Energy will maintain the system, and I will reap the benefits of helping the environment…not to mention paying less for my power!! A TOTAL WIN/WIN SITUATION!!!”

Duane + Kathy – Ridgecrest, CA

I’ve noticed our energy bills rising over the the last decade. Since my husband retired, we thought we’d do the smart thing and get solar panels.”

Mary G. – Orange, CA

We were impressed that we could get involved with $0 down and save about $35-$40 a month immediately.”

Jim + Becky – Lakewood, CO

David + Tracy – Maplewood, NJ

Our kids see the meter spin backwards, and for them, this is the way you get energy—from the sun. It feels good to have PV on your roof because it’s the right thing to do. And of course we enjoy the huge savings!”

Jeff C. – Greenbrae, CA

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