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Home and business owners in Troy and greater Rensselaer County, New York are going solar through the Solarize Troy program

Join this community purchase program to get a great discount on solar power for your home or business. Complete the form below or call 518.300.4865 for a free solar quote from Solarize Troy’s dedicated installer, RGS Energy.

What is Solarize Troy?

Solarize Troy minimizes the cost and complexity of switching to cleaner, more affordable solar power. By using an exclusive, vetted New York solar panel installer – RGS Energy – and purchasing solar equipment in bulk, Troy home and business owners can go solar as part of a community movement, save money on their electricity, and avoid the hassles of screening solar contractors.
GREAT NEWS – we’ve hit the highest discount tier! If you haven’t already signed up, don’t miss your chance to get the best price possible through Solarize Troy!

Who Else is Doing This?

The bulk purchase Solarize model, coupled with RGS Energy’s expert installation service, has proven successful time and again in other states. Through 14 Solarize programs across the Northeast, RGS Energy has installed over 4 MW for 600 home and business owners.

Which Tier Are We In?

Congratulations, Troy! Your commitment to solar power blew away the 200 kW goal! This means the Solarize Troy program has reached the highest discount tier!

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3  
Tier 4  
FULL = Tier 5
RGS Energy attended the Tri-City ValleyCats game on August 30 to help support Solarize Troy and encourage interest in solar power.

With community support, an experienced local installer, and great new incentives, don’t miss this amazing opportunity to go solar and make an impact on your wallet and the environment!

RGS Energy Solar Panel Installations in Troy

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Why Go Solar in Troy?

Getting your electricity from the sun has lots of great benefits.
  • A lower, predictable cost for your monthly electricity
  • Save thousands over 20 years
  • Protect yourself from utility rate increases
  • Renewable energy supports a healthier planet
  • Solar panels add value to your home
  • Get started with little to $0 down*
  • Enjoy energy independence

*For qualified customers and subject to service availability.



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