Lithium Iron (LiFePO4) vs. Lithium Ion

  • Is cool when operated at room temperature vs. heats up
  • Is not toxic vs. hazardous material
  • Maintains strength through life vs. suffers greater degrading
  • Incombustible vs. gets hot and bad things can happen
  • Heavy so OK for homes vs. lighter so used in cars, phones and laptops

Currently Offering

SONNEN Positives

  • 20,000 installed
  • Can manage solar, grid, battery and generator inputs
  • Can be manually programmed if internet goes down
  • Safe, reliable and long lasting battery type
  • Works with existing solar systems, any brands
  • Easy to add more storage after installation

SONNEN Negatives

  • Best battery available, will cost more than others
  • Must be inside the home or climate controlled area

LG Positives

  • Low price point
  • Light Weight
  • Large storage potential
  • High efficiency
  • Largest maker of Lithium Ion Batteries

LG Negatives

  • Only appropriate for new solar projects
  • Only works with one brand of solar controls
  • Lithium Ion batteries (vs. Lithium Iron)


ENPHASE Positives

  • 1.2 kW modules (flexibility) LiFePO4 – Lithium Iron – stable and long lasting
  • Strong user interfaces, highly programmable
  • 10-year warranty

ENPHASE Negatives

  • DO NOT work when grid is down
  • Only appropriate for Enphase invertors