Commercial solar energy solutions power system from RGS Energy

Your Small Commercial Solar Energy Solutions Company

RGS Energy provides small commercial solar energy solutions that allow organizations of all sizes and functions easy access to reduced, fixed energy costs with little or no upfront investment. Allowing your solar energy solution to be handled end-to-end by one industry-leading company means investing in a cohesive project built from a single framework that’s managed and warranted after delivery so your focus can stay on your own operations.

Solar Project Development with a 35-Year Head Start

Solar project planning

Solar project planning

Comprehensive planning from RGS Energy includes an experienced Project Manager, detailed designs, quality construction and a complete project schedule to ensure customer satisfaction.

Solar project engineering

Solar project engineering

Our solar energy systems routinely outperform their energy output estimates, and, coupled with our record of being on-time and on-budget, have earned us our reputation for quality.


As a leader in small commercial solar energy solutions, we know solutions aren’t realized without a plan. That’s why our comprehensive service begins with solar project planning.

Our experience in the solar industry is a valuable asset. With over 25,000 solar energy systems installed, we’ve worked with a vast array of site conditions, manufacturers, and budgets. Our clients’ unique energy goals and project funding levels necessitate a customized approach to each system designed, and project planning is streamlined with our wealth of experience.


Site feasibility

  • Define energy goals
  • Energy use audit
  • Site feasibility assessment

Financial planning

  • Viability study
  • Risk mitigation
  • Financing options


  • Constructibility audit
  • Production analysis
  • Environmental impact


Award-Winning Solar PV System Design + Engineering

Solar PV systems from RGS Energy routinely outperform energy output estimates thanks to our highly-skilled, in-house solar design and engineering team. Coupled with our record of being on-time, on-budget, we have earned the reputation as an industry leader in solar PV design and engineering.

  • RGS Energy proprietary design protocols result in higher system production + savings
  • Designs are reviewed and stamped by independent professional engineers
  • Dedicated Project Manager ensures accountability
  • RGS Energy quality control department conducts a 118-point quality assessment
  • Approved interconnections with all major utilities ensures seamless commissioning
  • OSHA + NABCEP™ certifications
  • Comprehensive liability coverage policy

Standing Behind Our Work with Solar Project Warranties

Solar system protection

Solar system protection

We stand behind every solar energy system we sell with product and workmanship warranties. We maintain all warranty records and provide service using only in-house technicians.

Solar PV system management from RGS Energy's commercial solutions

O&M Services Available

RGS Energy offers comprehensive O&M Services that can help ensure your system continues to produce at its optimal level for years to come. Our experienced O&M team can put together a free quote for your system to protect your solar investment.


RGS Energy will remain your energy partner long beyond the planning, construction, and delivery of your solar PV system. Systems are covered by product and workmanship warranties, and our 35 years of professional experience have forged longstanding relationships with product manufacturers. This means that in the rare case your hardware does encounter a problem, we have the inside track on a swift resolution.

Achieve peace of mind with our solar warranty services

  • Manufacturer product warranties (typically 25 years)
  • RGS Energy maintains all warranty records
  • Warranty service and repairs are handled in-house
  • Rapid dispatch for on-site problems


Low Costs O&M Services can add value to your investment

Our comprehensive O&M services includes services that ensures clients are receiving optimal power generation from their systems. Our O&M team will monitor, archive, and allow on-demand client access to system production data.

Solar system monitoring

  • Demand, inverter + string level
  • Weather data
  • 24-hour client access
  • Emergency preparedness
RGS Energy solar system monitoring

System maintenance options

  • PV module cleaning
  • DC electrical and converter audit
  • DAS + physical system review
  • DAS recalibration

Solar system performance reporting

  • Estimated vs. actual production
  • Energy cost + environmental savings
  • Expected vs. annual solar resource
  • Monthly, quarterly, and cumulative kWh output