Portola Valley School District

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In November 2011, RGS Energy completed a 265 kW solar energy installation on the Portola Valley School District’s two campuses just west of San Jose. The installation, spread over dozens of roofs, will offset roughly 80% of the District’s electricity bill.

The challenges associated with shading from surrounding redwood trees, combined with myriad roof surfaces and orientations, created an ideal situation for the use of Enphase microinverters to maximize kWh harvest. Instead of a small number of high-capacity, centralized power inverters, each of the array’s 1,127 solar panels is equipped with a microinverter that converts the panel’s DC electricity to AC at the panel.

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[one_half]One of the more significant engineering challenges faced by the RGS Energy installation team was the standing seam metal roofs at the Corte Madera campus. This unusual kind of roof required the development of a novel, DSA-approved galvanized steel “hat” attachment method for affixing the solar panels.[/one_half]


Size 265 kW
Production 357,675 kWh/year
PV modules Sharp 235W (1,127 modules)
Mounting Roof
Location Portola Valley, CA
Online since 2011


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System Offsets* Annual Lifetime
Pounds of CO2 544,388 13,609,700
Miles driven 567,248 14,181,200
Trees planted 6,324 158,100


*Calculations based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator. System lifetime is assumed to be 25 years.