West Sonoma County Union High School District

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The West Sonoma County Union High School District (WSCUHSD) had been hit hard by years of budget cuts and rising electricity costs. In response, the district turned to voter-approved bonds for a solution to both problems: solar power from RGS Energy.

In just four months, RGS Energy installed 834 kW of solar power generation across three WSCUHSD high schools – Analy, El Molino and Laguna – using ultra-high production SunPower PV modules. These state-of-the-art solar panels required less space, conduit and mounting materials, and helped increase the efficiency and savings of the project.

The solar energy systems are expected to produce 75% of the three schools’ electricity and save the district $9 million over 25 years. “With schools continually facing budget cuts, this is a great example of a district taking control over its financial future,” says Tyson Grul, who led the installation. District superintendent Keller McDonald agrees, noting that the savings “means more teachers’ jobs can be kept and the quality of education for students will be protected thanks to solar power provided by SunPower and RGS Energy.”

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[one_half]Of the 834 kW installed across the three sites, 230 kW were ground-mounted, with balance built into carport structures that position the modules at optimal angles for solar energy collection while providing shade and cover to student, faculty and district vehicles underneath.

The energy the systems will produce is equivalent to powering 300 California homes annually.[/one_half]


Size 834 kW
Production 1,229,884 kWh/year
PV modules SunPower 320W (2,608 modules)
Mounting Carport, ground
Location Forestville and Sebastopol, CA
Online since 2011


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System Offsets* Annual Lifetime
Pounds of CO2 1,869,682 46,742,050
Miles driven 1,945,520 48,638,000
Trees planted 21,745 543,625


*Calculations based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator. System lifetime is assumed to be 25 years.