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Solar power is quickly spreading across the nation, allowing more Americans to realize the savings that solar can provide. RGS Energy believes in growing our business organically through a network of friends and family. We are committed to supporting communities by helping our customers realize both the financial benefits of solar, as well as the long term environmental benefits.

Our Family Network started the solar generation.


Become a Solar Champion and earn money for your referrals!

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Legal Disclaimer: Solar installations and the value of resulting incentives and savings, when available, are specific to an individual’s home, electric usage, tax situation as well as currently available incentives and system size, price and ownership. RGS Energy does not guarantee any tax credit amount, electrical savings, or return on investment and is not responsible for any monetary value, perceived or actual, that may otherwise be due to customers regarding government or utility incentives. This plan is not available in all locations, and may be subject to approved credit.