Solar Financing, Leasing, and Payment Options

What Are My Payment Options?
RGS Energy offers a wide range solar financing options to suit nearly any budget. Not every financing plan is available in every state, but your Solar Energy Consultant will show you exactly what your options are and the advantages of each. These options will fall into two main categories:

Finance Your Solar Power System with a Loan

Going solar with a loan gives you the benefits of both a lease and a cash purchase! With little or no up front cost, realize instant savings with a solar loan. Think of a loan as an alternative to your monthly electric bill and put the money you save on electricity towards the things that matter most.

Purchase a Solar Power System

Purchasing and owning a system typically provides the best long-term savings. You’ll own the solar panels, the power they produce, and the rebates and incentives they qualify for. Solar panels last a long time – most are warranted for 25 years – so they provide many years of free electricity after the system is paid for.


Why Use a Loan?

  • Get instant savings with a lower electricity bill
  • Budget friendly with flexible payment terms
  • Little to no up front cost

Why Purchase?

  • Pay the lowest available electricity rates over time (instead of saving money right away)
  • Receive and monetize solar incentives (instead of having them worked into a monthly payment)
  • Get a high return on a safe investment
  • Enjoy years of free electricity after the system has paid itself off with monthly savings

How Much Does a Loan Cost?

Little upfront cost – Qualified homeowners can transition to solar for little or no up front cost and start saving immediately.

How Much Does it Cost to Purchase?

Pay cash – Avoid financing charges and interest costs to pay the lowest possible amount for a home solar panel system.


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