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Americans Empowered to Separate Solar Fact from Fiction with Real Goods Solar’s Free 87 Solar Myths eBook

New, Downloadable eBook is a Myth-Busting Must-Read for Anyone Considering the Money-Saving, Job-Creating Benefits of Today’s Residential Solar Energy


Orange, CA (PRWEB) June 21, 2012

Real Goods Solar, the nation’s most established residential solar installer and integrator, is helping Americans separate solar fact from solar fiction with a free, downloadable myth-busting eBook known as 87 Solar Myths, available online at RealGoodsSolar.com.

87 Solar Myths is a quick read to dispel what solar professionals across the U.S. say are today’s most pervasive solar industry inaccuracies. Interest is high. Nearly one thousand eBooks have been downloaded since its Earth Week release.

“Solar is America’s fastest-growing industry, employing more than 100,000 individuals within 5,600 companies across all 50 states. And it has the potential to slash energy costs, improve property values and recoup tax dollars, all while helping Americans reduce their carbon footprint,” said Josh Price, General Manager of Real Goods Solar’s Southern California operations. “Yet time and again, we see homeowners who can truly benefit from solar overlook its potential because of industry misconceptions.”

87 Solar Myths slaps down perennial misnomers such as “Solar technology is too expensive,” “Coal power is cheaper than getting power from the sun,” “A solar lease traps you in your home,” or “$0 down solar is too good to be true,” while confirming the veracity of other well-publicized solar tenets. Most myths contain hyperlinks to respected solar authorities like the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) and the US Department of Energy, where consumers can go for additional unbiased information.

“What we’ve learned in speaking with people across the U.S. over the years is that we aren’t just in the business of solar, we’re in the business of educating,” explained Real Goods Solar Residential Marketing Director Cheryl Moody.

“There are some whacky – and some serious – rumors that persist amongst consumers. Our goal is to equip homeowners with an unbiased source of information so that they can confidently make valid decisions as to how the benefits of solar energy could improve their circumstances,” Moody said.

More and more, companies like Real Goods Solar are seeing it’s the economics of solar that are driving new business. Thus, many of the rumors busted in 87 Solar Myths address the affordability of solar.

Plummeting module prices and a plethora of new, zero-down financing options allow a whole new demographic of folks to afford solar, whether it’s via efficient lease options or via system purchase, the latter of which allows for healthy 30% tax credits and, in 29 states, cash grants and related economic incentives.

“The good news is that improvements in manufacturing and the introduction of new financing products mean solar is finally within reach of most homeowners,” notes Real Goods Solar founder and Residential Solar President John Schaeffer in the eBook’s prologue.

A recent National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) study(1) focusing on the demographics of Southern Californians who’ve recently entered the solar marketplace confirms this. According to lead NREL report author Easan Drury, repackaging the value of solar photovoltaics (PV) as savings on a family’s monthly electric bill is an attractive alternative to the pitch that it will pay for itself over the course of 5 to 10 years. “If someone comes up to you and says you can make money next month and forever, that totally changes how people see the value of solar.”

Price says that with compelling zero-down solar options that allow homeowners to save on their electric bills from day one, consumers are reinforcing that today’s solar solutions are as much of an economic play as an environmental one. “But people won’t get to the evaluation stage if they aren’t equipped with the facts,” Price added. “We created this eBook to help Americans enhance their energy IQ. They can then use this information to enhance their bottom line.”

(1) NREL Energy Policy report “The Transformation of Southern California’s Residential Photovoltaics Market through Third-Party Ownership.”

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