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A partnership between RGS Energy, Hudson Energy Solar, and Smart Energy Capital allowed for the financing, design, installation, and ownership of 500 kW of solar energy to be used by Eastman Companies at its Eisenhower Corporate Campus in Livingston, New Jersey.

Eastman Companies is using solar energy through a power purchase agreement, where instead of purchasing and owning their solar energy system, they pay only for the power they use from it – at a fixed rate. Jeffrey Schmidt, President of RGS Energy, explains that this kind of arrangement makes Eastman Companies “able to control its operating costs and invest in its future.”

By incorporating the financing expertise of Smart Energy Capital with the design and EPC expertise of RGS Energy, the system – which is owned and operated by Hudson Energy Solar – was created under a single umbrella and delivered to Eastman Companies in full, making it easy for them to transition to renewable energy without interrupting day-to-day business.

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Of the 500 kW installed, 68 kW are arranged in a ground-mounted array on a small hill next to the facility. The ground-mounted array showcases Eastman’s commitment to renewable energy to the public, as well as to its employees.
500 kW
591,496 kWh/year
PV Modules
Sharp 230W (480 modules)
Roof – SunTech 280W (1,540 modules)
Ground – SunTech STP270 (253 modules)
Livingston, NJ
Online Since
Pounds of CO2
Miles driven
Trees planted
*Calculations based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator. System lifetime is assumed to be 25 years.