California is home to 55% of all residential U.S. solar panel installations.

What’s holding you back?


Say Goodbye to Rising Electricity Rates

Soaring utility prices and year-round sun make home solar panels a cheaper, smarter choice for a lower electricity bill in California.

Why pay more for dirty power when you can save thousands with clean solar energy?

kWhs of Clean Energy
Average Current Utility Bill $174.17
Average Utility Bill with Solar $11.95
Your average annual savings
Average Utility Bill Savings with Solar

Our California Solar Installation Services

With rising energy prices affecting nearly every person in this country, an increasing number of Americans are looking for affordable, efficient ways to save money on their monthly energy bill. Since 1978, RGS Energy has been helping people discover the wonderful world of solar energy and we have made it our mission to bring clean, affordable energy to residents of California.

RGS Energy provides the following solar services to California residents:

  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Lifelong Maintenance Services
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Financing Options

We are a full service solar energy company. If you have any questions about how we can help you, give us a call today at 877-747-4338!

Why is RGS Energy the Best Choice For Solar Panel Installation?

Since 1978, RGS Energy has been a leading provider of solar panels in the United States, providing services to every state in the Union. We are here to make sure that every homeowner in America has the knowledge, tools, and resources that they need in order to take advantage of the monetary savings that solar energy can provide for their home. Our expert staff, through decades of combined experience, are highly trained in solar panel installation and repair procedures and, even better, have a passion for providing people with access to clean, renewable energy.

This experience and dedication to our craft make us your number one choice in California for any and all solar energy needs.

Contact us today to get started on your journey to energy independence!

A Proven Solar Energy Provider

With a history dating back to 1978, our company evolved from a small solar panel provider, known as Real Goods Trading Company, into one of the nation’s leading providers of solar panels and solar installation services. Comprised of specially trained technicians, friendly staff and field employees as well as a highly competent management team, RGS Energy strived to meet the expectations and needs of each and every one of our clients in supplying solar energy arrays that will be able to provide a home with clean energy for decades to comes.

At the rate energy demands are growing in the United States, we at RGS Energy feel that solar power will quickly become one of the easiest and most efficient ways for people to not only save money on their monthly power bill, but also make sure that they are doing their part to fight the harmful effects of global warming. To meet this goal, we provide a series of solar services that can help you transition into the world of solar energy.


RGS Energy Provides Professional Solar Panel Installation Services

When it comes to installing solar panels on a home, no matter the size, it is important that you choose a company that is able to provide a premium service. Installing solar panels isn’t just about putting some panels on top of a roof and connecting them to a home’s electrical network. Solar panels must be placed in a precise alignment and direction in order to maximize that potential solar energy that is captured within a given day. Additionally, support for the panels must be precisely calculated in order to make sure that no damage is caused to the roofing material or the structural beams that help to support the underboarding of the roof.

If you are interested in learning more about our solar panel installation services for California residents, contact us today at 877-747-4338.


Solar Panel Maintenance Services Provided By RGS Energy

Our highly trained technicians are able to provide fast, reliable, and professional solar panel maintenance services. While the goal of owning a solar panel array is to have an easy, reliable form of additional energy production in the home, it is also imperative to make sure that the panels are kept in as good a condition as they can be. Through our maintenance services, we here at RGS Energy will make sure that your solar array is functioning as optimally as possible at all times so that you can rest assured you are not losing out on solar energy that could be converted to usable, sustainable energy for your home.

When you are in need of a solar company that can get to the bottom of your maintenance issues quickly, rely on the specialists at RGS Energy to get the job done right.


A Passion For Reliable, Affordable, and Functional Solar Energy

The goal of any solar panel installation is to provide a home with access to the nearly limitless potential of turning the sun’s rays into energy thavt can be used to power a home. This goal not only requires a company that is able to invstall solar panels and wire them into a home’s main electrical grid, but also a company that takes the time to make sure that the solar array is optimized as perfectly as possible. A focus on professional and precise installation goes a long way in making sure that the solar array is able to perform its job to the best of its ability and, what’s more, helps to make sure that the solar array is able to provide consistent performance over the entirety of its life span. Rely on RGS Energy to be able to provide your California home with this service.

If you would like to see what our current customers are saying about us, be sure to visit our testimonials page.


To Be The Best, You Have to Provide The Best

When it comes to providing the best in solar panel installation v, our installation team is only half of the equation. While other solar energy companies may try to cut corners on the quality of their solar panels in order to provide a lower price point to their customers, we here at RGS Energy do not subscribe to this philosophy. Installing lesser quality solar panels, while cheaper in the beginning, will actually work to cost a homeowner more money in the long run. Substandard panels are not as efficient as high quality panels, meaning that they will not be able to convert as much solar energy into useable power. Additionally, cheaper panels require more maintenance and repairs and, in many cases, will need to be replaced at a much higher rate than their.

At RGS Energy, we only use the highest quality solar panels so that all of our customers can rest assured they are getting the most out of their investment into solar energy.



America's #1 Solar Company­™ California's Most Trusted Solar Provider

RGS Energy got its start in 1978 as Real Goods, a sustainable living store in Northern California that sold some of the first retail solar panels in the United States.

The Real Goods store still sells sustainable living products but now – as RGS Energy – we bring clean energy solutions straight to your home with expert solar panel installations that reduce the cost of your electricity. We serve much of California, from Mendocino County through the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Fresno and the Central Valley, and south to the Los Angeles Basin and Inland Empire.

Pay less for energy from America’s #1 Solar Company­™.

Your solar experience is our top priority.

Your solar experience is our top priority. We bring a local focus backed by decades of knowledge and experience, and we pride ourselves on being a community-minded solar service provider.

Customer Stories and Homes

Over 25,000 customers have chosen RGS Energy to bring more than 260 MW of clean, affordable solar to their homes and businesses.

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Bob + Lori (and son) – Visalia, CA

Electricity without solar? Yuk. Even if SCE rates DON’T rise (and pigs fly), we would have paid Edison between $130K and $140K over 20 years.
—Bob + Lori (and son), Visalia, CA
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