California is home to 55% of all residential U.S. solar panel installations.

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Say Goodbye to Rising Electricity Rates

Soaring utility prices and year-round sun make home solar panels a cheaper, smarter choice for a lower electricity bill in San Jose.

Why pay more for dirty power when you can save thousands with clean solar energy?

kWhs of Clean Energy
Average Current Utility Bill $174.17
Average Utility Bill with Solar $11.95
Your average annual savings
Average Utility Bill Savings with Solar
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RGS Energy is San Jose, California’s #1 Solar Company™. RGS Energy is the premier clean energy solution to all of your energy demands in San Jose. Our history started back in 1978 when we opened up our first local sustainable living store called Real Goods, located in Northern California. Little did we know at the time that this store was the beginning of revolutionizing the clean solar energy world. Through selling a surplus of sustainable living products, Real Goods was the first store where solar panels were sold. If you’re looking for a clean energy solution, such as solar installation on your home, look no further than RGS Energy, San Jose’s noted residential energy efficiency solution – call 877.747.4338 today!

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Over 25,000 customers have chosen RGS Energy to bring more than 260 MW of clean, affordable solar to their homes and businesses.

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Bob + Lori (and son) – Visalia, CA

Electricity without solar? Yuk. Even if SCE rates DON’T rise (and pigs fly), we would have paid Edison between $130K and $140K over 20 years.
—Bob + Lori (and son), Visalia, CA