Colorado is RGS Energy’s home state, and at a mile above sea level, we’re that much closer to the sun!

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Say Goodbye to Rising Electricity Rates

Soaring utility prices and year-round sun make home solar panels a cheaper, smarter choice for a lower electricity bill in Denver.

Why pay more for dirty power when you can save thousands with clean solar energy?

kWhs of Clean Energy
Average Current Utility Bill $117.84
Average Utility Bill with Solar $13.95
Your average annual savings
Average Utility Bill Savings with Solar
America's #1 Solar Company­™ Denver's Most Trusted Solar Provider

How much are you spending on yearly energy expenses? Is it time you start thinking about the advantages of solar in Denver? RGS is Denver, Colorado’s #1 Solar Company™, and for a good reason. At RGS, we have experience. Since 1978, our company has been providing clean energy solutions to residents and businesses in Denver and surrounding areas. In fact, Colorado is home to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), making it one of the nation’s hubs for solar PV research. With over 25,000 solar installs completed around the nation, you can rely on our exceeding expectations. We set a new standard for the solar industry. Proudly serving Denver and surrounding areas, we encourage you to reach out to our solar panel industry leaders at RGS Energy now – call 877.747.4338!

Pay less for energy from America’s #1 Solar Company­™.

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solar service provider.
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Over 25,000 customers have chosen RGS Energy to bring more than 260 MW of clean, affordable solar to their homes and businesses.

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Jim + Becky – Lakewood, CO

We were impressed that we could get involved with $0 down and save about $35-$40 a month immediately.
—Jim + Becky, Lakewood, CO