RGS Energy is a Solarize Connecticut Installer for Bloomfield and Montville


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Solarize Connecticut is a pilot program designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy through solar power in select Connecticut towns.

RGS Energy has been screened and selected as a designated installer for the Solarize town of Granby. Homeowners in these towns can rest assured they are getting a great price from a leading national solar installer, and that their neighbors are doing the same thing. Click on your town above to request a free, no-obligation solar consultation.

Advantages of solar power Advantages of Solarize CT
  • Clean, renewable energy source
  • Costs less than utility power in most cases
  • Support clean energy job growth
  • Work with a pre-screened installer
  • See pricing up front
  • Join your community in making a positive environmental impact

The Solarize Connecticut program is made possible by CT Greenbank and Dividend Solar. RGS Energy has participated heavily in many Solarize programs over the past three years.


Solarize Granby, Connecticut with RGS Energy

Let’s Solarize Granby, Connecticut!
To get started with a free consultation, complete the form below or talk to one of our Energy Advisors at 888.567.6527.

Solarize Granby, Connecticut

RGS Energy is proud to have been selected by the Town of Granby as its installer for the Solarize Connecticut program!

“We are excited to bring this energy solution opportunity and RGS Energy as the Solarize Granby installer to the citizens of our community.”

– B. Scott Kulhny, First Selectman, Town of Granby

Going solar in Granby provides homeowners the choice to produce their own clean electricity. Solar is a simpler, more sustainable alternative to traditional utility electricity, which costs less, adds value to your home, and is much better for the planet.

RGS Energy is America’s Original and most trusted Solar Company, having delivered solar solutions across the country since 1978. We offer financing options which make it simple to switch to solar and enjoy monthly savings without making a large upfront investment.

“Granby selected RGS Energy due to their competitive price, national scale, and local presence.”

– Kent McCord, Solar Coach & Granby Conservation Commission

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Discounted Flat Rate Pricing for Solarize Granby

Discounted Flat Rate Pricing for Solarize Granby
Granby residents enjoy the benefits of expert solar design and installation, as well as reduced pricing with group purchasing of highly efficient solar equipment. Everyone that signs up for Solarize Granby receives the same flat rate base pricing! The timing has never been better to go solar with manufacturing pricing at an all-time low, and time sensitive solar incentives offered by the State of Connecticut and the Federal Government being available in 2017. Businesses are also eligible for preferred pricing through Solarize Granby, and have applicable commercial State and Federal solar incentives as well.

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Upcoming Events

Solarize Granby Launch Event

When: Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Where: Granby Senior Center
15 North Granby Road, #C, Granby, CT


RGS Energy Installations in Connecticut

RGS Energy Solar Installations in Connecticut

RGS Energy solar installations in CT



Solarize Connecticut FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I know if my home is suitable for solar?” – Your home must have sufficient solar exposure, meaning a south-, east-, or west-facing roof with little to no shading from trees, chimneys, or other obstructions. RGS Energy will help determine if your home is suitable for solar after receiving your call or form submission above.

“Will the system produce electricity on cloudy days?” – Yes, though not as much as it will produce on clear, sunny days.

“Will my power stay on during a utility power outage?” – No. Because solar systems are connected to the grid, they pose a serious risk to utility workers working to restore power. For this reason, your solar system will shut down automatically during a utility power outage.

“What sort of maintenance is required?” – Solar PV systems require little to no maintenance. The occasional rain shower is enough to keep dust and pollen that can build up on your solar panels from hindering their performance. Over time, as trees on your property grow, you may need to trim branches to protect your panels from shade and falling limbs.

Snow typically melts and slides off the panels’ smooth surfaces much faster than it melts off the rest of your roof. However, after periods of extremely heavy snow and cold, you may have to clear snow from your panels. In this case, it is advisable to use a soft brush specially designed for solar panels or hire a company to clean them off for you. We do not advise getting up on your roof when it is covered in slippery snow.

“What size system should I install?” – The average residential solar system in Connecticut is approximately 7 kW and produces approximately 8,400 kWh per year.

However, your home and its electricity use are unique, and RGS Energy will determine the system size that will provide you with the greatest financial benefit.

“How will solar affect my home’s value?” – Solar PV systems typically add value to a home because they represent the value of electricity that would otherwise have to be purchased from the utility in the future. As utility rates rise over time, the value of the “pre-purchased” electricity in the solar system increases even more. Despite the added value a solar system contributes to a home, it is exempt from Connecticut property taxes when the property owner files the required paperwork with their local assessor.

“Do I have to pay for my solar system up front?” – No. There are different options for paying for your system.

  1. Pay little upfront with a solar loan. Where all rebates and tax incentives are typically applied to the principal of the loan to create a monthly loan payment that is usually lower than the amount you are saving on utility bills.
  2. Purchase a solar energy system for the greatest long-term savings, the ability to receive federal and state tax credits and get free electricity once your system’s electricity savings have paid for itself.

“Will I need batteries for my solar system?” – No. RGS Energy installs solar power systems that are tied to the existing electrical grid, which eliminates the need for batteries.

“Will I still receive utility bills after installing a solar system?” – Yes. You will receive a monthly bill from your utility company for the electricity you used that your solar system could not provide (at night, for instance). However, through what is known as “net metering,” power your system generates that you do not use is credited to your utility bill and you only pay the net amount of what you took from the grid and what you added to it. There will also be a flat monthly fee from your utility for being connected to the grid.

“What happens when I move?” – Studies by the US Department of Energy (US DOE) have shown that homes with solar sell at a premium compared to other homes. Solar financing payments and all warranties are easily transferable to the next homeowner.