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The Dartmouth Solar Challenge is extended through September 15

The Dartmouth Solar Challenge is now extended through Sept. 15!
The Dartmouth Solar Challenge is a unique partnership between RGS Energy, SouthCoast Energy Challenge, and other organizations aimed at increasing energy efficiency and clean energy adoption in Dartmouth, MA. All Dartmouth home and business owners are eligible to receive free home energy analyses to find out if getting solar panels makes sense for them. Get started with the form to the right.

Part of what makes solar such an attractive option in Dartmouth right now is the $500 incentive available through the Dartmouth Solar Challenge that increases up to $1,000 as more residents sign contracts to go solar with RGS Energy. Don’t delay – lock in your chance for cleaner, more affordable electricity today!

Solar Contracts Signed 0-25 26-49 50 and Over
Incentive (per Contract) $500 $750 $1,000

How Many Contracts Have Been Signed?


RGS Energy Dartmouth Solar Installations

The Dartmouth Solar Challenge’s first installation has been completed for homeowner Jack Martin.




“We’ve thought about solar for years, talked to installers at home shows, even had them at the house. When Artie from RGS Energy came to our house, he explained the incentives and federal tax credits with such clarity, we signed the contract. It’s the way of the future and, environmentally, it’s the right thing to do.”
-Jack and Donna Martin



SouthCoast Energy Challenge

Dartmouth Town Hall
Room 313

Dartmouth Solar Challenge Media



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Clean Power. Bright Savings.

We’re on a mission to bring affordable, clean, renewable energy solutions to homeowners and businesses. We offer purchase, lease, and financing options for solar power.
Clean, More Affordable Energy

The average homeowner saves 20%-30% on their electricity bills when they go solar with us.

The Smart Choice For Clean Energy

RGS Energy helps homeowners lower their electricity bills with solar power. Going solar locks in a fixed electric rate and reduces the cost of the electricity you buy each month. Most RGS Energy customers pay 20% – 30% less than they were paying their old electric company for traditional power. A locked-in rate means protection from unpredictable electricity bills and utility rate increases.