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Choosing Solar Energy in Rhode Island: Understanding the Basics

Solar energy isn’t a new technology. However, many still shy away from it, because they assume that it is too expensive or an unnecessary home upgrade. Installing a solar panel system is actually more affordable than ever with payment plans and a variety of incentives available from from the federal and state government, as well as private entities. This coupled with the financial savings from using solar and the overall savings are significant.

We at RGS have over 40 years of experience and have been installing solar panel systems in Rhode Island and all over the country. If you are interested in learning more about solar energy, how a solar array works, and the payment options available, keep reading or contact the RGS team to learn how solar can benefit you and your family, and the world at large!

How Solar Array Works

Solar energy is, at its most fundamental explanation, quite simple. A solar panel system or similar solar power system captures sunlight and converts it into usable energy. With a solar panel system, you are able to plug in your appliances and use electricity like you normally would. Also, because solar energy is so efficient, often you will generate more than your home needs. Because your solar system is attached to your utility meter, the electrical company will credit you for this extra energy.

Nitty-Gritty Details

Most residential solar power systems are made up of a solar panel system which have 10-20 panels that are either installed on your roof or in your backyard. Together these panels are a solar array and each panel is made up of 60 PV cells. These cells collect the sunlight and then an inverter transforms this energy into usable electric energy that your home will use like any other electrical system.

Solar Energy on Cloudy Days

One of the most common myths that we must dispel is that solar energy only works when you have clear sunny weather. However, this is not the case. Though there isn’t as much sun on cloudy days or those with inclement weather, there is still some sunlight that will make it through—How else would you be able to see during the day on cloudy days? On these days, you may not generate as much solar power, but your solar panel system is still fully functional. On cloudy days, you will rely on your solar battery. If your system does not have a battery, you may draw some energy from your local electrical company. But do not fear! Your energy bill may be affected very little, if at all. Since your solar power system is hooked up to your meter and you have been generating credits from the amount of energy your system usually generates, you won’t be charged or will be charged very little for your consumption.

How Will This Work For My Home?

Understanding the basics of how a solar panel system works is easy, but considering the investment of installing a solar array on your Rhode Island home can bring up a lot more questions and concerns. We at RGS would love to answer your questions and help you understand how solar power can be beneficial for your home. Contact our team of solar experts today for more information or to get started installing a solar panel system for your home.

Seeing the Savings: Advantages to Solar Power

Depending on your background, you may have a predisposed idea about solar power. Maybe you are all for it and can’t wait to install your system, or maybe you have your reservations and are just starting to investigate the benefits that solar could provide to you and your Rhode Island home. Whether the advantages of solar power have just come up in conversation when discussing politics or not, there is more to solar power then the environmental benefits that it provides.

Financial Benefits

In the past, you may have written off solar energy as something that only the rich and famous can afford, but this isn’t the case. Solar energy is more affordable than ever and through advancements in technology and the support of both the state and federal government. Along with there being viable payment plan options, the savings alone can be worth the investment. When you install your solar system you will experience immediate energy savings, allowing you, if you paid for your system through a solar loan, to easily meet your monthly payment and yet still probably have additional savings. Also, as we mentioned, the state and federal government provide considerable savings through incentive plans.

It isn’t just the government who is putting their money where their mouth is. Private organizations, activists, and more are providing financial incentives so that more people than ever can have the financial benefits of solar energy and for the purpose of protecting our environment. Also, if you are reliant on your local utilities company, you are in essence still paying rent. How so? Like when you pay money for renting an apartment, you are paying for a service—to live in that apartment with all of the amenities of that community. When you invest in solar, you are making a similar type of investment as you do when you are buying a home. You are investing in your property and your own wealth.

Clean Energy

Another benefit of solar energy is the ability to participate in the difference that solar energy is making for our environment and our world. Fossil fuels are classified as petroleum, coal, and natural gas. These types of fuels are not only bad for the environment, but they are finite resources and, so are not sustainable sources of energy. Switching over to solar energy allows you to invest in technology that does not emit harmful greenhouse gases which contribute to the deterioration of the environment. Solar energy is not only sustainable, but also solar panels systems create energy without any byproducts. In switching to solar energy, you will no longer be contributing to the harmful effects of non-sustainable energy resources, and you will experience many financial benefits as well. Want to know more about solar energy and how installing a solar panel system can transform your life? Contact the RGS team!

Get Ready For Installing Your Solar Power System With These Steps

Solar energy is easy, but it does take some preparation to get the most out of it. We at RGS are here to help you pick a solar panel system that will fit your needs, as well as advise you on how to get the most out of your system. To make sure that you can get the full benefits and savings of a solar system, read the following tips.

Ensure Your Home Is Ready

There are a few measures that you must take to make sure that your home is ready for solar panels. First, you must take a look at your roof and other exteriors to determine if they need repair. Your roof must be strong enough to support the weight of your solar array. Repairing your roof first before installing your solar array is a must because if you were to potentially install your solar system and soon after need roof repair, your solar system would have to be uninstalled and then reinstalled once the roof was fixed.

Why You Need to Talk to a Professional

To determine if your home is ready for solar, contact us! One of our certified, professional Energy techs can inspect your home, not only to direct your next steps, but also to help you know exactly where to install your system to get the most sun exposure and therefore the most out of your solar panel system.

Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

There is more to home efficiency than just installing a solar panel system, but it is a major step. Keeping up with your maintenance for your HVAC system and installing energy efficient appliances are two easy steps to make your home more energy efficient. We know that the twenty-year-old fridge that you had when you bought your home, may still run, but are you really saving money keeping it if it’s a main culprit in your rising energy bill? If you truly want to have an energy efficient home, you may want to not only install a solar panel system, but also do the following:

  • Upgrade to Energy Star appliances
  • Replace old insulation
  • Seal your home completely
  • Upgrade your windows to efficient double-pane windows
  • Upgrade or repair your HVAC system
  • Repair your roof
  • Fire your old water heater for a tankless system

There are many ways to improve the efficiency of your home. These upgrades won’t just pad your financials, but they will also improve the creature comfort of your home. Imagine a home without cold spots or drafts during the biting cold of winter that’s also a refuge away from the humid, damp heat of summer. When you make these upgrades, in addition to installing a solar panel energy system, you will experience the full benefits of an energy efficient home. Learn more in the video below.

Develop a Financial Plan

Installing solar panels and a solar energy system is more cost-effective and affordable than most realize, but like any other large investment, you must prepare to make such an investment with a plan. Your payment options include:

  • A solar loan with monthly payments
  • Pay for your system outright

The idea of having yet another loan can seem like a major deterrent, but there are a few reasons why a solar loan is worth it:

  • You will experience monthly savings, even with your monthly loan payments
  • Along with the monthly savings you will experience, you will also be eligible for federal, state, and private incentive programs that will yield significant rewards.

Talk to a RGS Energy Broker

Deciding to invest in a solar panel system is a big decision. However, you don’t have to do it alone. Our team is dedicated to helping Rhode Island residents invest in the solar systems that they need. We can help you find the payment plan that will work for you, as well as the energy incentives that can offset the costs of installing a solar array. We are here for you and want to help you. Contact the RGS Energy team and find out more about your options, today!

Debunking Solar Energy Myths: Common Solar Concerns

Solar energy isn’t as recent of an invention as you may think. Solar energy was a technology that actually came to be in the 1800s and was officially available for commercial clients in the 1950s. Because solar panel technology has been around for over 200 years and for the reason that it isn’t yet installed as a traditional mode of energy generation in the home’s of Rhode Island residents, there are a lot of misconceptions about solar energy and solar panels. Below, are some of the most common myths that we hear about solar panels and the reasons why they are completely false.

1. Solar panels do not work on cloudy, rainy, or snowy days.

If you have ever decided not to put on sunscreen because it’s a cloudy day and received a painful sunburn, you will know this statement is, of course, false. Even on cloudy days, there are plenty of UV rays that penetrate through to generate the energy that you need. Also, solar panels are made to work during all types of weather and the amount of energy generated during a sunny day will more than offset days with inclement weather, when not as much energy is created.

2. Solar panels require a lot of maintenance.

Solar panel system technology has developed quite a bit from what it once was when it was first invented. Higher quality materials are available and solar panel technology has continued to develop over the years. How could it not? If solar panels were in constant need of repair, how could users experience true savings? Solar panels are made to withstand high winds, storms, and other major weather.

3. A solar panel system will damage my roof.

We completely understand your concerns. However, if you have a professional install it like RGS then you have little to be concerned about. All of our technicians are certified and know how to install your solar array in the proper way that will protect your roof and solar panels.

4. Solar panels make a lot of noise.

Solar panels are actually nearly silent. The only noise you may hear is a slight buzz from the inverter, but it isn’t any louder than your refrigerator running or your heater turning on. Your solar system will just be another sound in the background that you will hardly notice.

5. Installing solar panels will decrease the value of my house.

This is certainly not the case when you install a modern solar panel system. A solar system will actually increase the value of your Rhode Island home. Buyers are actually more inclined to not only buy a home with a solar panel system, but will also pay $15,000 more for that home according to a Department of Energy study.

6. Solar energy systems are too expensive.

Yes, installing a solar energy system is an investment. However, it is more affordable than you think. Not only are there solar loans and payment plans, but the incentives and energy savings that you will experience will more than cover the initial investment of installing your solar system. Concerned about the cost of repairs? You may be eligible for a 20-year warranty!

Breaking Down Payment Options

Investing in solar can feel like a huge investment and can, at first, feel daunting. However, it isn’t as daunting as you think it is. When you are considering such an investment or major home improvement, you must consider how it will fit your budget. Due to incentives (anchorlink below), solar loans, and payment plans we offer, there is never a better time to invest in solar than right now.

Solar Loans

Just as there are home loans, there are solar loans as well. Solar loans provide you with the opportunity to install your solar panel system on your terms. Even though another monthly bill may seem unattractive, with the energy savings that you will immediately receive, you will more than be able to pay your loan payments. A solar loan can be an advantageous option for many Rhode Island residents. However, buying your solar panel system outright provides immediate benefits as well. Compare the advantages of a solar loan and purchasing your system outright.

Speak to an RGS Energy Broker

Our RGS Energy Brokers can work with you and your payment option needs, as well as the variety of state, federal, and private incentive programs available for Rhode Island residents. We would love to help you see all the advantages that solar can provide for you, both in regards to your financial and energy savings.

Rhode Island Solar Incentives and More Assistance

Just because the Ocean State is the smallest state in the union, doesn’t mean that the solar incentives are meager and unenticing. Rhode Island has some of the best incentives in the U.S. and Rhode Island residents interested in upgrading to solar panels can expect nothing less in federal, state, and private incentives.

If you are considering installing solar panels but concerned about cost, we can help you you take advantage of available Rhode Island solar incentives so you can experience the full financial benefits of solar power.

Federal Incentives

Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

To help you afford your new investment, the federal government offers the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Experience 30 percent in savings, credited to your income taxes. Since the implementation of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), solar panel installation has increased by over 1600 percent, showing that in many cases, the only thing that may be holding residents back from installing solar in their home is the supposed unaffordable expense.

Net Metering

You can also get credit for the extra electricity that your solar panel system generates. When your system does not generate enough energy power, you are able to use those credits accumulated from previous periods when your system generated extra power which is very common. National Grid offers Rhode Island residents one of the top metering programs in the state.

Other Federal Programs

The ITC isn’t the only way that the federal government rewards you for your investment. Visit for a list of other tax incentives available to Rhode Island residents. Not sure how to get the most out of the incentives available? Talk to the RGS team. We would love to help you better understand the federal incentives available to you, so you can install a solar panel system and reap the most reward.

State Incentives

The government isn’t the only one who offers significant savings. As we mentioned above, Rhode Island offers sizeable incentives to those residents who choose to install solar panels.

Solar Grant Program

For every watt that you install, you receive $1.00, up to $8,000 from the state. This program is in essence a rebate program; the more you invest in your system, the more reward you receive. In conjunction with other federal and state programs that you are eligible for.

Property Sales Tax Breaks

When you install your solar panels, you are increasing the value of your home. Considering property taxes, this may seem like a deterrent; when you increase the value of your home, your property tax increases. However, this isn’t the case when you install solar panels. Because of the implementation of the Residential Solar Energy Property Tax Exemptions, your property taxes stay the same. Also, you are eligible for the Renewable Energy Products and Use Tax Exemption; you will not have to pay taxes on the purchase of your solar panels and solar energy system.

Rhode Island offers these and many more incentive programs that will reward you for your investment in solar energy and can make your energy upgrade even more cost effective.

Private Incentives

The state and federal governments aren’t the only ones who offer residents significant incentives. To learn more about the incentives available to you, contact the RGS team. We can walk you through the entire process and help you get the most out of of your solar panel system.

Why Choose RGS?

Since 1978, RGS Energy has been providing the nation with affordable, professional, and efficient solar panel installation services. As the world’s energy demands continue to rise, a new form of clean, renewable energy needs to take the place of older, less desirable forms of energy production. We have made it our mission to not only supply the residents of Rhode Island with the best in solar panel installation and services, we have also made it our mission to help as many people in the United States as we possibly can to reduce their carbon footprint and make the switch to solar energy. Through this effort, we hope to make this great country less dependent on foreign power supplies, reduce the amount of emissions that are released into the atmosphere, and usher in an era of truly clean energy.

Our Solar Energy Services in Rhode Island

RGS Energy provides the following solar energy services to residents of Rhode Island:

  • Solar Panel Financing Options
  • Maintenance Services
  • Solar Panel Installations

We offer full service solar installations in Rhode Island. If you have any questions about how we can help you, give us a call today at 877-747-4338!

Want to Learn More About Solar Energy?

As we have previously mentioned, if you have any questions about solar panels, energy savings and incentives, and systems available to you in Rhode Island, contact the RGS team. We would love to help you find a system that works for your home’s needs.

Read the RGS Blog

To learn more about solar energy, read our blog! We post regularly about solar panels, solar systems, energy efficiency, and ultimately, how Rhode Island residents can join us in preserving our beautiful world. We hope to inform, educate, and perhaps, at times, entertain with posts that answer your questions about solar energy, tell a little about the history of solar power, how to make your home energy efficient, and more. View recent posts below or read archived posts on our posts page.

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Average Utility Bill Savings with Solar

Why Should You Choose RGS Energy in Rhode Island?

Making the switch to solar energy is a decision that should not be made lightly. Taking the time to make sure that you choose a solar panel installation company that has a proven track record of excellence is one of the most important steps in the entire process and, at RGS Energy, we we want to make sure you go with a company that has your best interests in mind. Solar installations are about more than putting some panels on top of a roof and calling it a day. Solar panels must be installed properly and optimized to take as much advantage of the sunlight that hits your home as possible. Lastly, the panels must be professionally wired into your home’s existing electrical system to ensure that as much power as possible is making it from the solar panels to your home safely. Since 1978, we have helped thousands of homeowners make the switch to solar energy and, if given the chance, we are certain that once you experience the level of experience, professionalism, and passion we put into each and every one of our installations, you will see what has made us one of the most successful solar companies in America. If you would like to learn more about the solar energy services that we offer, please fill out our contact form below.

RGS Energy is a Company That You Can Trust

When you make the choice to use us as your solar panel installer, you are choosing a company that has the knowledge, tools, and experience necessary to provide a fast, professional solar installation. Through the combined efforts of our amazing technicians, experienced researchers, and dedicated management team, we are able to handle any and all solar installation situations. Over the past decade, multiple solar installation companies have popped up across the United States. While we are sure that some of these companies are able to provide services that are almost comparable to ours, we feel we still have the most experience. We have been helping people make the switch to solar energy since 1978, well before solar energy became the popular source of energy that it is today. We are not a company that decided to get into solar installations once it became popular, we are a company that decided to provide solar installations because it is, in our opinion, the energy revolution that this country needs in order to meet the energy demands of future generations. When you choose us as your Rhode Island solar panel installation provider, you are choosing the best in the business.

Why Is Solar Energy Good For Rhode Island?

When you make the switch to solar energy, you are making a decision that is going to provide multiple benefits to not only yourself but to your community as well. Some of the benefits of using solar energy include:

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Historically, energy production has been a messy affair. Between coal fired power plants, natural gas, and nuclear energy, humanity has sacrificed a lot in order to be able to meet the energy demands of a growing population. By making the switch to solar energy, people are able to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses that are released into the atmosphere and help to slow the effects of global warming.
  • Save Money: As Rhode Island residents are probably well aware of by this point, electricity is not cheap. The northeast United states has some of the highest energy rates in the country and, unfortunately, these rates are only projected to rise. It is estimated that the average Rhode Island home saves $19,000 over the life of a solar array and, with fluctuating electricity prices, this amount is likely to be more.
  • Start Saving Instantly: By taking advantage of the many financing options and tax credits that are available to Rhode Island homeowners, you can start saving money instantly. When you finance your solar panels, your monthly electricity bill is replaced with a loan payment. This loan payment is often less money than your monthly electricity bill and, even better, it will not rise as a result of fluctuating electricity rates.


To learn more about the benefits of making the switch to solar energy, please visit our residential solar savings page.


Professional Installation is Key to an Effective Solar Panel Array

In an age where do-it-yourself videos can be found for nearly any activity, the average person may be under the impression that installing solar panels is a job that can be done quickly, with little to no training required by the person placing the panels. While it is true that great advancements have been made in the design of solar panels, they still require a professional installation in order to be properly optimized to a particular home. Where other companies will sell solar panels to individuals and allow them to place them on their home themselves, RGS Energy takes the time to install your solar panels in order to make sure that you are getting the maximum amount of value out of your solar array investment. To effectively harvest solar energy in Rhode Island, you need a company that is going to take the time to professionally install your panels, make sure they are aligned for maximum energy absorption, and are properly wired into the electrical grid of your home. To learn more about our solar installation process, contact us today at 877-747-4338.


Solar Maintenance and Repair Services Provided by RGS Energy

Like any piece of machinery, solar panels require maintenance and repairs in order to make sure that they are functioning properly. When you choose RGS Energy as your solar panel company in Rhode Island, you are also choosing a company that will handle any and all repairs and maintenance work as it relates to your solar array. By making sure that your solar array is as well maintained as possible and that any repairs that need to be completed are done in a fast, professional way, we feel that we are better able to serve our customers and help them get the most out of their solar array. Maintenance and repair is never an issue with RGS Energy, and we are dedicated to making sure that your solar panels are as healthy as possible.



Our Passion Sets Us Apart

With all of the solar energy options available to the average person these days, it can be difficult for individuals to dilute the truly remarkable companies from the companies that are just in this business to make a quick buck. Choosing a solar energy provider is about more than choosing a company that is able to complete the work, it is about choosing a company that cares. At RGS Energy, we have been caring since 1978 and, in our opinion, these three decades of passion set us apart from the competition in a way that is hard to accurately describe. We don’t just install solar panels because we make money doing it, we install solar panels because we want to help as many people as possible reduce their dependency on municipal electricity services in order to benefit the state of Rhode Island and the country as a whole. Through our efforts and the efforts of our clients, we are dedicated to transforming the energy landscape of this country and usher in an era of clean energy and independence. If you would like to see what our current customers are saying about us, be sure to visit our testimonials page.


Financing Options to Meet Your Needs

One of the largest barriers that keeps people from taking advantage of our solar energy installation services is cost. It is no secret that a proper solar installation is not cheap, however, with some financial help nearly anyone can take advantage of the wonderful benefits that solar energy provides. When you choose RGS Energy as your solar installation company in Rhode Island, we will assist you in finding financial assistance in order to make your switch to solar as financially comfortable as possible. Through these programs, you can either choose to pay for the entirety of the solar array up front or, as is more common, choose to pay off the solar panels through a loan payment program. To learn more about the financing options that we help our customers procure, please visit our financing page.


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