The leading solar energy states

The leading solar energy statesSolar energy has become one of the leading alternatives to fossil fuels. One of its strengths is the fact that solar panels are easy to install on most homes. Homeowners will usually find that they enjoy serious savings after having had their panels installed. Even with these possible advantages, many homeowners are still cautious about the expense of installing panels. They want to be sure they will receive a good return on investment after solar installation.

Another major consideration for many environmentally conscious homeowners is what sort of incentives their state offers. Many people interested in upgrading to solar power prefer to make sure they have the right incentives first. These homeowners will benefit from having additional information.

Which state is No. 1 in solar?

California has had the largest number of solar panel installations for several years. If recent trends continue, experts predict that it will continue to lead the country in panel installations and energy usage. Both homeowner participation and local initiatives have played a leading role in putting California at the top of the list. Of the cities in California, San Diego tops the list in solar production.

One thing that has motivated California’s success is its goal of having 33 percent of all power come from renewable sources by 2020. Solar rebate programs for homeowners have helped the state get a good start on meeting its goals. Another way in which the state has moved toward achieving its goals is by offering incentives for new home builders. California has an economy that continues to grow, along with regular demand for new housing. Because California has so much success with solar, many of the state’s initiatives will have a good influence on other states.

What states will be big in the solar energy market

New Jersey has serious goals to increase solar productivity, especially in light of post-Hurricane Sandy rebuilding efforts. Solar-powered traffic lights are one example, which also helps solve the need to keep the lights running after a power outage. Homeowners in the state also have taken the lead in installing residential solar panels to ensure constant access to electricity.

Massachusetts is another state that will become a major player in solar energy in the coming years. During 2014, there were enough panels installed to power 50,000 homes. The amount of solar energy that will come into use by 2016 will greatly reduce fossil fuels reliance in the state.

Arizona, with its weather particularly suitable for solar power usage, is another leading state that will continue to play a role in solar power growth. All of the new generating capacity that was utility scale in 2014 came directly from solar power. If energy production on this scale continues, the state will quickly become one of the top leaders.

Nevada is also a state to watch when it comes to solar energy. This state leads the country in solar-related jobs. Because of the sunny weather and wealth of tourist attractions, this state has the potential to also lead in innovation.

Which states offer the best solar power incentives?

Although a growing number of states recognize the value of solar power, some states offer better incentives than others. Tax credits and rebates, combined with positive action on the part of legislators, make things easier for everyone. Homeowners who live in the states that offer the best advantages will want to keep these incentives in mind when looking to reduce their energy bills.

New York leads the way in offering tax rebates and incentives that encourage homeowners to upgrade, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo has expressed support for continuing these incentives. Massachusetts follows closely behind, with the addition of fast-paying performance payments and tax exemptions. Connecticut, with its high electricity costs, has risen to the alternative energy challenge by offering a generous solar energy rebate. Oregon, which has a lot of sunny days despite its climate, also has several incentives that include tax rebates and exemptions. New Jersey has one of the best markets for solar power, and residents have seen results in the form of lower rates.

What the future holds

As homeowners struggle with increasing energy prices, more will seek alternatives like solar power. Incentives already have made these options more accessible for many homeowners in solar-friendly states. As the need grows, more states will offer the incentives that homeowners need, as well as incentives that encourage businesses to adopt eco-friendly energy options. States that do not offer as many incentives for homeowners are very likely to change as the demand grows.

Solar power is a very real force to be reckoned with, and states that want to stay at the forefront of the very latest innovations will work to ensure every homeowner has the chance to go with solar power.

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