Solar panels provide sustainable, clean energy at a fraction of the cost to society

Solar panels provide sustainable, clean energy at a fraction of the cost to society

The search for a new, clean form of energy has been a hot topic for decades. Around the world, consumers continue to look for ways of providing energy for their homes, businesses and cars that do not require an enormous amount of waste or damage to the environment. How can sustainable, pollution-free energy be produced without intense labor costs? Is clean energy even possible? The answer to this conundrum may lie with solar energy. With low waste levels, virtually pollution-free production, low maintenance costs and a completely renewable resource, solar power is considered by many to be the future of clean energy.

Harvesting fossil fuels produces waste

You probably are very familiar with the pollution caused by non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels, but are you aware of the volume of waste produced by harvesting oil and gas? The greatest form of waste produced is carbon dioxide, chemically notated as CO2. This is a dangerous gas that actually can change the climate. Burning fossil fuels also is dangerous, as burning coal releases not only sulphur dioxide, but also a slew of nitrogen oxides that cause acid rain. Some of the waste can be managed, but not enough to make the burning of fossil fuels harmless.
Pollution always is a concern with any type of non-renewable energy. The atmosphere can take only so much chemical overload before it becomes dangerous for humans to live on the planet. Most fossil fuels and non-renewable resources must be burned to harness their power. This has unfortunate side effects on the atmosphere and the planet in general. Smog fills the lungs of people, leaving them sick and unhealthy. Polluted water is being consumed every day by those who cannot afford to purchase purified water. Extreme pollution can even lead to diseases such as cancer and can go so far as to deform limbs of animals and humans.
You may be unaware of the far-reaching effects of environmental pollution, but you likely know that using non-renewable energy sources is not good for the health of the planet or its inhabitants.

Renewable energy is clean energy

Fossil fuels are the most commonly used energy source, but they are not the only one available. There are plenty of renewable and sustainable energy sources that do not require burning or releasing dangerous gasses into the atmosphere. The two most common renewable energy resources are wind power and solar power. Both rely on the natural resources available on a daily basis: the wind and the sun. Although windmills and solar panels do take work to build, they can provide sustainable, one hundred percent renewable energy for years to come.
Solar powered energy is the most exciting resource, as it is entirely clean and solar panels are not as large or cumbersome as windmills. Solar panels can fill up your entire roof or just a small window, and they can be strong enough to power entire buildings. At James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, all the lights in one of the dorms are powered by solar panels. The sun is an extremely powerful and highly underutilized resource. Stars the size of our sun take millenniums to burn out, so as long as the sun is shining, the Earth will have sustainable, clean energy to draw from.

Solar power is low maintenance

Solar power is also harvested in a very low maintenance way. Large solar panels are made up of smaller solar cells, which convert light energy into electricity through a physical and chemical process called the photovoltaic effect. Once you install them, they rarely require repairs. Additionally, solar panels are easily installed and can be as small as a fingerprint. Most solar panels, especially those used in homes and on cars, are installed on rooftops and angled toward the sun.
Although the initial cost of solar panels can be expensive, your supply of sunlight is completely free and will never run out. Solar panels offer a distinct advantage over windmills, since they do not require large turbines or complicated equipment. Most modern solar panels can last up to 25 years, making them very affordable over time. Solar panels do need to be cleaned regularly, but this is not a great effort if kept up with the cleaning. They also are silent, so you’ll hear no sound pollution.
Finding a way to provide the world with sustainable, renewable and clean energy is a difficult task, but solar energy is making a huge impact. When compared to other sources of energy, solar energy is not only efficient; it is also extremely clean and doesn’t take up valuable land.
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