Are solar panels low maintenance?

Are Solar Panels Low Maintenance?

You may have decided that a home solar energy system could be a great addition to your home. It would lower your electricity bill, increase your energy independence and decrease your environmental impact.

However, when educating yourself on the downsides of this investment you may wonder what maintenance the system requires. Solar panels are, after all, delicate and complicated systems. Well, here is some of the best news: Solar panels require very little maintenance and last for decades.

Solar panel maintenance

Residential solar energy systems have no moving parts, which decreases maintenance significantly. The odds of any of the parts in the system breaking are very low, and without moving parts there are fewer crevices for debris to get stuck in. You would be hard-pressed to find an energy device that requires less maintenance than solar panels.

The main concern for solar panel maintenance is cleanliness. You do not want dust or debris blocking sunlight from the panels. If too much dust settles on a solar panel, it can hinder the panel’s sunlight absorption and lower the energy output. Debris, of course, will do the same thing and may also risk scratching the surface of the panels. Every panel has a protective coating to help guard against any detrimental damage, but it is safest to have a professional clear major debris as soon as possible. This probably will not occur very often. Since the solar panels are installed at an angle and the surface is incredibly smooth, most dust and debris will slide off the panels on its own.

People living in colder climates often question how much maintenance increases during snowy weather. The truth is that the maintenance might not increase at all. Solar panels are installed southward-facing, where they will receive the most sunlight throughout the day. The sunlight will help melt the snow. They are also at an angle and very flat, which helps the snow fall off just like the debris does during the other seasons. Most importantly, solar panels generate significant heat while they are producing electricity. This heat will quickly melt the snow that may settle on top of them. Once you have a solar system installed, you will soon notice that the solar panels are always the first areas of your home to clear itself of snow. There are, however, times when a major blizzard might dump more snow on your solar panels than they can melt themselves.

Why call a professional?

With such simple maintenance requirements, it can be tempting to perform the maintenance yourself. However, it is dangerous to do so, for both you and your solar panels. It is always best to call an expert installation and maintenance company such as RGS Energy to maintain the panels for you.

Solar panels can be difficult to reach, especially if they are on the roof of your house. Climbing up there to clear dust or debris includes the risk of falling or slipping. This danger increases in the winter. RGS employees have the proper training, experience and equipment to remain safe while maintaining the panels.

It requires even more training to know exactly how to care for the solar panels. RGS employees know precisely how much weight a solar panel can handle, and they can quickly recognize how much dirt and dust is covering a panel. Most importantly, they know how to remove any obstructions without causing damage to the panels. The employees will even be able to notice any damage already done to the panels and repair it before it becomes a bigger problem, such as fixing a scratch before it becomes a crack in the panel. An RGS professional will always provide you and your panels with the best care possible.

How long to solar panels last?

Not only do solar panels have little maintenance, but you get to enjoy their long lifespan. Properly maintained solar panels are guaranteed to last for 20 years. RGS Energy will be there to maintain your panels and answer your questions for every one of those 20 years of energy production.

For at least 20 years, you will have a system that produces electricity, lowers your monthly payments, mostly takes care of itself and is maintained by RGS for free. The headache of expensive, greatly fluctuating utility bills becomes a thing of the past and you are confident knowing that you are producing a cleaner future for everyone who follows you. Many would say that having their own solar energy system is even less stressful than sticking with traditional electricity companies. With only occasional maintenance, there are few downsides to these amazing systems.

RGS Energy has almost 40 years of experience in installing and maintaining solar energy systems throughout the country. To find out how solar energy could power your home, visit

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