Many options available for California’s home solar power systems

Many options available for California’s home solar power systemsNot surprisingly, California’s solar photovoltaic (PV) industry is powered by the amazing level of daily sunshine enjoyed by residents across the state. Annually, Los Angeles averages 5.53 kilowatts per hour, per square meter per day (kWh/m²/day). Germany, the world’s top solar power producer, provides as much as 30% of its entire national electricity usage with just 3.0 kWh/m²/day of solar radiance. Even Eureka CA beats the European leader with 4.4 kWh.

Since the mid-1950’s California has been innovating solar powered systems, and FGS Energy has been installing PV generation systems since 1978. In the years since, California’s leadership has launched incentives and programs to increase PV power as an electricity generation source and decrease its reliance on fossil fuel energy sources.

Today’s California home and business owners are the benefactors of the revolution in PV power. Purchasing and leasing options have never been more varied, so everyone has an opportunity to “go solar” and reduce both their electric bills and their carbon footprint on the planet. Here’s how:

Power Purchase Agreements

RGS now offers the unique “CleanEnergy Plan,” power purchase agreement (PPA) that allows you to hook your home to their solar electricity generation station and access solar power from their facility. You pay a low monthly rate per kWh, and your rate can be locked in for 20 years. An added benefit: There is no upfront cost. RGS will install and connect your system, as well as maintain it for its lifetime. RGS even adds a system insurance policy so you will never have to worry about the source or price of your electricity again.

Lease the system

You can have a PV system installed right on your home or business and just pay for the power you use each month. RGS will install and maintain it throughout its life; you’ll enjoy low electricity bills throughout yours.

Purchasing offers big money savings

The decision to own the equipment and system puts you in control of how much you’ll spend, and how much you’ll save over time.

Federal incentives: The Federal Government offers a 30 percent tax credit for the purchase of home and small business PV systems. That value reduces the cost of the system the day you buy it.

California property tax exemption: California homeowners enjoy a property tax rebate of 100 percent of the value of their PV system. When the system is used for dual purposes, the rebate value is 75 percent.

The California Solar Initiative Rebate Program: These incentives were so popular that those offered through SDG&E, PG&E, Pacific Power and SCE have been exhausted. Smaller utilities (such as Glendale, Marin, and Silicon Valley Power) offer other incentives for their customers. Check with your local utility to see if they have “seen the solar light,” too.


You’ll save the most money by paying cash for your system. For those who don’t have that opportunity, there are excellent financing options available.

The Mosaic Loan:

RGS’s Mosaic Loan Program is truly on the leading edge of the clean energy revolution. These loans are funded by a group of clean energy-loving investors who are willing to provide low-interest rates in exchange for cleaner energy. Like any other loan, you’ll own the system and make monthly payments until the loan is paid off.

RGS has other solar energy focused financial partners who can find you the financing option that’s right for your budget. To learn more about the options available to you, visit

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