Why solar energy is a good addition to your home

Why solar is a good addition to your home

Solar energy has become a popular topic for homeowners interested in lowering their electricity costs and making the world cleaner for future generations. One of the biggest concerns that eco-conscious homeowners have with current energy consumption is the impact on the environment. Solar power largely eliminates these issues.
You may not realize how much of an impact solar power makes on the lives of everyday homeowners. Advantages of solar energy include:
Sunlight is the most abundant resource on Earth, with 10,000 times the Earth’s total energy use continuously reaching the planet from the sun
Set-up costs are lower than the total lifetime costs, with much of the cost associated with permits and other legal requirements
Companies that provide solar power are constantly coming up with ways to increase the amount of energy that they provide

Increased home value

As a homeowner, you will be pleased to learn that residential solar panels help increase a home’s value without raising property taxes. This type of improvement is one that has great appeal to prospective buyers.
Some of the things for you to keep in mind regarding increased value include:
On average, sellers can expect an increase of 4 to 6 percent in the value for homes with owned panels.
Many homebuyers are dedicated to living a sustainable lifestyle and will put houses with residential solar panels at the top of their priority lists.
Tax credits are beneficial but you should consult with a tax professional to find out how to take advantage of them.
Your home’s other assets ought to be kept in mind as well.

Consistent energy bills

When homeowners install solar panels, one of the main reasons for doing so is to reduce electric bills. Paying high energy bills during peak times, especially in homes that rely on all-electric heating and cooling systems, causes a lot of concern for many. One major advantage of solar panels is the fact that you can expect reliable, consistent energy costs. After installation, it is very likely that your solar power system will result in consistently lower electric bills.
Some helpful information that you should consider regarding energy savings:
The initial savings are likely to at least number in the hundreds of dollars annually, with increasing savings in the thousands.
Each $1 of lowered energy costs is believed to increase a home’s value by $20.
The savings, coupled with a need for little maintenance, will far outweigh initial costs.
A very attractive feature associated with solar panel installation is their low maintenance cost. Aside from regular cleaning, the panels require little upkeep and last a long time.

Living off the grid

One motivator for many homeowners is having the ability to be off, or at least partially off, the utility grid. Solar energy can prove quite helpful during times when the main electrical grid is down. In areas where the grid’s capacity is stretched during times of heavy consumption, many customers complain of brownouts and blackouts. An electrical system that is off the grid is not only immune to these problems, but also alleviates some of the strain on local resources.
Many new homebuilders aspire to be completely off the utility grid. Designing a solar energy system into your new home construction can provide a great deal of freedom in where a home is located. The tiny house movement, for example, has gained a lot of momentum among sustainable lifestyle fans. Many of these homes feature construction in rural or remote areas where running in power lines is impractical.

Long life expectancy

Home solar panels also boast a long lifespan that exceeds that of many other electrical systems. If you have had high costs associated with replacing equipment, knowing that the system could work for your total stay in your home is a great relief.
When you consider the advantages that come with solar power, you will find that installing a solar energy system is a wise investment. The benefits will outweigh the costs over time, so choosing the solar option is likely to be a choice that you will not regret.
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