Should I Get Solar Panels in Colorado?

Hello! Welcome back to the RGS blog! In our last blog, we discussed how your business can benefit from solar power. Though solar can be an additional investment and an item to budget for, it can significantly change how you do business. Not only does it provide exceptional savings, but incorporating solar into your business can play a key role in your marketing as well. To learn more about how solar can be a powerful asset to your business, read our last posts, or contact the solar panel experts at RGS. We have been in the business of providing solar arrays with the latest, most efficient and effective technology for years. We would love to help you embrace solar energy and experience savings and peace of mind.

Today, we are going to be discussing the basics of solar energy in Colorado. Colorado is one of the most obvious places to employ solar because we are lucky enough to experience sunshine nearly every day of the year. On today’s post, we are going to consider the basic rewards that residential solar panels could have for the Colorado homeowner.

Is Solar Power Right for My Colorado Home?

When considering solar panels for your home in Colorado, you must answer these three questions with a “yes”:

Do you own your home?

If you do own your home, then you should consider installing solar panels on your house. Not only will you save money on your utilities, but you will most likely save money on your homeowner’s insurance. Why? Solar panels are made to be incredibly tough and so the next time we have thunderstorms with destructive hail, you can have peace of mind that the parts of your roof covered with solar panels won’t suffer damage. Because solar panels can withstand hail and other weather elements, your homeowner’s insurance may go down because there is less roof to replace.

Does your home get direct sunlight most of the day?

The above question is important to answer because even though Colorado enjoys sunlight most of the year, your roof may not receive much sunlight. Though solar power may still be an asset you can invest in, speaking to a solar power expert will help you understand how a solar array might work for your home. If you are in the process of looking for a home and are seriously interested in solar, look at homes that have large sections of roof that receive a considerable amount of sunlight most of the day. Roofs that face east and west are best for installing a solar array.

Are you ready to stop paying so much for utilities?

We don’t think there are many, if any, Colorado residents that wouldn’t want to save. If you install solar, though you must initially invest in your solar panel system, you can save 88 percent on your utility bill. That means you could potentially save $100 a month on your monthly bill. You could use this extra cash to pay off your solar array, save for your child’s education, or make other home improvements.

Benefits of Installing a Solar Array

Energy-Bill Savings

As we discussed above, the savings on your utility bill is considerable. The average Colorado resident pays $1,246.74 on their energy bill. With a solar array, you can save $100 a month. Also, as you use your solar panel system, you will build up credits with your utility company, so on those days when your battery is out of energy and you have to tap into the city’s energy, you probably won’t have to pay anything because you will use the credits you have earned.

Home Value Increases

Like many home improvements, installing solar power on your home will increase your home’s value. With the savings that a solar array provides and the importance that many Colorado residents place on taking care of the environment, a home equipped with residential solar panels is highly desired. If you decide to sell your home in Colorado, there is a good chance that you can ask for a higher price.

Protect the Environment

Solar power protects the environment. No longer will you be using a power source that is killing the planet and could bring ultimate devastation. When you install a solar array, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part to protect our planet. We have yet to find any other planet like earth; we have to take care of it for us and those who come after us.

Want to Learn More About the Possibilities?

Installing residential solar panels on your Colorado home could change your life and it’s easier to pay for it than you think. When you work with RGS, you have the opportunity to buy your array outright or invest in a solar loan. With all the savings you will be experiencing, a solar loan will be one of the easiest loans you’ve ever had to pay for. Also, when you install a solar system you become eligible for incentive and rebate programs such as The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit or that which your local utility company offers. Also, you won’t pay the government a dime because of your increased property value. When you invest in solar energy, you really can’t lose. Contact the residential solar panel experts at RGS to learn how to install solar on your home.  

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