10 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Solar Power – Part 2

Hello and welcome to the RGS blog! If you are just joining us, we are excited that you are here! On our blog, we share tips, practical projects, and interesting information. Lately, we have been discussing solar power systems and the advantages that this renewable source of energy provides to those who utilize it. We realize that for businesses to make such an investment, a lot is at stake and so any reluctance to convert to solar power is completely understandable. However, the return on investment is substantial and immediate after your solar panels and solar power system is installed.

In Part 1

In part one of this blog series we covered the costs of installing solar panels. The initial costs that you will be faced with if you make the switch includes the cost of installation and equipment, as well as the cost of lost business and productivity due to installation time. Though these are considerable concerns and possible deterrents, the advantages that solar energy provides to businesses far outweigh these costs.


If you are interested in installing solar, before making a decision talk to the solar power system experts at RGS! We would love to help you find a renewable energy solution that works for you and to help you overcome those potential roadblocks that might keep you from installing a solar power system. Visit our website and contact RGS, America’s Original Solar Company®, to learn more about the possibilities available to you!

Advantages of Solar Power Systems for Businesses

In part one of our blog series, we began discussing the benefits that solar provides to corporations and businesses that decide to utilize it. The first two advantages include a lower monthly energy bill and, as a result, the ability to refocus your budget using those additional funds towards other purposes. These are just two of the many advantages that solar energy provides.    

Boost company image

Switching to a solar panel array to power your business is also a great PR move. It not only shows your customers that you aren’t just like any other company, it shows that you have morals and care about the impact that your business has on the environment. When customers are choosing who to partner with or who to buy their products from, they are more likely to choose those who deliver the same quality of product and who are environmentally conscious.    

Stimulate the economy

By switching to a solar power system, you are also powering the community as well, by creating jobs and stimulating the economy. Generally, solar power requires more manpower to install and maintain than other fuel sources. This means that the more companies that switch over to solar power, the more jobs are created. Investing in solar energy means that you not only receive benefits, but you are providing a better world for those in your community and beyond, too.

Avoid service disruption

Solar energy also allows you to enjoy confidence in the knowledge that your power service will not be disrupted. Because solar power is reliable, you don’t have to worry about losing business, simply because you lost power. When other businesses may be experiencing an outage due to a big storm, your business will be unaffected, running as normal. Also, on those dreary days when your solar panels may not be producing as much energy as sunny days, the surplus of energy that your system has created on normal days will most likely cover your energy needs.

Stay Tuned for Part 3

To learn more about the benefits of solar power systems, stay tuned for part 3 of our short blog series. Installing solar power provides significant financial benefits, as well as many other advantages that can set you apart as a leader in your community and industry. Some of the other advantages that we haven’t discussed in our blog series include:

  • Enjoy the return on your investment
  • Positively impact the environment
  • Improve community
  • Power your marketing
  • Become an industry leader

Considering a Solar Power System?

RGS is America’s Original Solar Power Company®. We offer solutions to your renewable energy needs. Visit our website to learn more about us, our solar panel systems, and to learn more about our clients. Contact us with your questions and start enjoying the advantages that solar can provide your business. Join the movement toward a better world and future.  

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