Home Improvement Projects For Spring & Summer – Part 1

Hello! Welcome back to the RGS blog! In today’s post, we will be covering the home improvement projects that you should make time for this spring and summer. These types of upgrades and repairs don’t have to be done every year, but it is always best to regularly check for needed repairs and be aware when the warranty is ending on a particular element of your home. For example, your roof should be inspected every season, after a hail storm, or after 20 years, depending on the materials of your roof. Spring and summer are some of the best times to get those repairs and upgrades done for your home because those working on it won’t have to contend with winter storms, and if your home has to be open or without say, windows, you won’t be absolutely freezing.

Replace Windows

It’s easy to forget about our windows because they are simply present and don’t demand a lot of our attention. However, eventually your home’s windows will need to be replaced. How do you know when your windows need to be retired? One way you will know is if your windows are warped. This may be a sign of leakage which, if not addressed, could make even bigger problems. The most common sign of warpage is the amount of effort it takes to open and close your windows. If you feel a draft, your windows might need to be replaced or resealed. Your windows aren’t just a means for looking out or getting some fresh air now and again. They should also keep the cold and heat of the outdoors out of your home.

Update Siding

Sometimes, our homes just need a fresh coat of paint. At other times, it’s time to completely replace the siding. If you notice your siding is rotting, broken, or doesn’t seem to be doing what it needs to do, then it might be time to replace it. Instead of opting for traditional wood siding, consider other options such as vinyl or concrete. These alternatives can give so many more benefits than traditional siding including longevity and, in come cases, act as a fire retardant.

Repair Roof

Our roofs take quite a beating. From protecting us from the wrath of storms, to enduring the heat and destructive nature of the sun, there are many elements that put wear and tear on our roofs. Repairing our roofs is one of the most important repairs you need to make to your home, because a roof that is leaking or isn’t properly sealing our homes can lead to more expensive repairs. Alternative materials are also available to replace the traditional materials of your current roof that, like alternative siding, give you longevity, and even more benefits than your old roof.   

When you’re doing all of these upgrades and maintenance tasks, it can be a great time to consider installing a solar panel system on your home! Solar power can lower your energy bill which tends to skyrocket during the summer due to running the air conditioner. We understand that when you think of implementing all these home improvement projects, it can be quite overwhelming from a financial standpoint. We can’t help you with all home improvement projects; however, we at RGS want to make solar energy available to more people across the country. We do this by offering payment plans and helping you find incentive programs from your state and the federal government. We provide our solar panel arrays to clients in California, Rhode Island, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and beyond. Visit our website to learn about the possibilities we can offer you!

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