10 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Solar Power

Welcome back to the RGS blog! Read about all things solar power here and learn more about this innovative means for using reusable energy to our advantage, the advantage of our businesses, and the world at large. Solar power systems are not a new technology. However, it has come a long way from its beginnings to be even more efficient and effective, as well as an affordable investment that pays a return that is more than the initial cost. Solar panel arrays aren’t just for residential uses. Many corporations, businesses owners, and building managers are utilizing the many advantages that solar energy provides. If you are considering a commercial solar power system, but are unsure whether it is worth the cost, we understand your reservations. However, let us weigh the costs and benefits.   


If you ask businesses owners and homeowners alike, most will agree to install a solar power system, but in most cases, their own reservations have to do with the costs associated with the endeavor of switching to solar.

Initial cost of installation and equipment.

Most worry that the actual cost of initial installation would be too much. They are concerned that installing a system that could handle the energy needed to keep the business going would cost millions of dollars that you don’t have and the investors are unwilling to give. Making such a big change will take an investment, but with the immediate and sure return on investment, plus government incentives offered on the state and federal level, there is a lot that can balance the cost of initial installation and equipment.

Possible business downtime.

The amount of business or productivity that your business would lose is also a potential concern. If your electrical system is down, it is hard for any business no matter what you do to keep up business as usual. We understand that for businesses with tight schedules or who are in a competitive market, any downtime is out of the question. However, before you decide that you simply can not add a solar power system to your business, talk to America’s Original Solar Company®. At RGS, we are all about finding solutions to make your dream of having solar panels for your business a reality.


In all that we do at RGS, we are about finding solutions. Seeing problems as roadblocks instead of hurdles will always limit the possibilities. We understand that such an undertaking as installing solar panels for your business could potentially pose some tough decisions, but the benefits that solar can provide far outweighs the “roadblocks” and the return on investment is undeniable.

Lower energy bills.

Whether you are a homeowner, building manager, or business owner, you will receive lower energy bills with solar, especially when your business was using oil or natural gas to power your building. Instead of devoting a large percentage of your budget to paying utility bills. Devote that extra money you save from utilizing solar energy to other budgetary needs, like building needs or even towards better accomplishing the focus of your business.

Focus your budget.

As we mentioned above, the considerable savings you will experience due to your utility bills will allow you to refocus your budget and perhaps, even devote more money to those things about your business that matter the most: your products and services. Does your building have other maintenance needs or does it need an upgrade? You could also devote your savings to that. You could also use the surplus to better care for your employees. Your energy savings could even be the catalyst for your business reaching its fullest potential.

Stay Tuned for Part 2

In our next blog, we will discuss the other many benefits that your business could expect from installing solar panels and a solar power system for your business. As we mentioned above, it is easy to assume that the cost is too great, but the financial and additional advantages far outweigh the initial costs. Other advantages that solar power will provide include:

  • Boost company image
  • Stimulate the economy
  • Avoid service disruption
  • Enjoy a the return on your investment
  • Positively impact the environment
  • Improve community
  • Power your marketing
  • Become an industry leader

Ready to Invest in Solar Panels?

RGS provides high-quality solar power systems to businesses located in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and beyond. We love working with large corporations and small family-owned businesses, and have helped many find an affordable solution so that they too can benefit from the advantages of solar power while joining others around the U.S. who are taking care of the earth by switching to renewable energy sources. Visit our website to learn more about RGS, our clients, and our systems. Contact us to learn more or make the first step to install your solar panel system.

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