5 Reasons to Go Solar – Part 1

Welcome back to the RGS blog! In our last few blog posts, we have talked about important home improvement projects that you should consider this spring and summer. Our homes in Rhode Island, California, Colorado, New York, and beyond are as valuable as we make them by maintaining them and installing upgrades. Read part one and part two of our short blog series to learn about big maintenance projects such as roof replacement and gutter maintenance that must be done.

One upgrade that we suggest making to your home in the spring is installing a solar power system. Not only does installing a solar array in the spring give you the most savings — summer’s AC bill could be considerably less — but there are many benefits that you will experience all year. There are many reasons why our RGS clients install a solar system. However, here are five general reasons that affect everyone.

5 Reasons to Install a Solar Power System

Lowers your energy bill.

Installing a solar array for your home will lower your energy bill. Powering all of your appliances, electronics, and that daily hair dryer will use energy, and unless you decide to drastically change your lifestyle, it is likely that you will use the same amount of energy. However, the way in which you obtain your energy could drastically lower your energy bill. Because you are no longer drawing the majority of your energy from the city’s grid, you will only be paying for the installation and upkeep of your solar power system, which usually pays for itself several times over. Also, when your battery is low and you must draw energy from the city, because your solar power system is so efficient, you probably won’t have to pay a dime. As you accumulate energy and eventually have a surplus of energy,  your utility meter allows the energy company to give you credits towards your account, so you may never have to pay or will pay very little for your energy bill.

Increases your home value.

Installing a solar power system in your home will also increase your home’s value. The amount of value it will provide for your home depends on a few factors. First of all, your location can play a key role. Those areas with the most solar installations and a desire for energy efficiency will find your upgrade even more valuable than those who don’t. However, with the widespread use of solar power, it is likely that your location will play less of a role in the added value amount. The size of the system that you implement will also influence the value that is added. The bigger and higher-quality of a system you install, the higher the value you will gain. Your current home value also contributes. If your home already has a high value based on its size, location, or amenities, installing a solar power system could cause your home’s value to rise exponentially.

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To learn about the other reasons to install a solar power system in your home, stay tuned for our upcoming blog. On the RGS blog, we always hope to inform, entertain, and help homeowners, and business owners understand how installing solar panels could change everything. We are always looking for ways to improve existing technology and have some exciting announcements coming soon.

Are You Ready to Install Solar?

RGS has installed solar power systems in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey,  New York, Rhode Island, and beyond. We are America’s Original Solar Company® and are excited to bring the best of solar power to those across the U.S. To learn more about RGS, the products and services that we offer, visit our website.

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