Affordable solar-generated electricity lights up New Hampshire

Affordable solar-generated electricity lights up New HampshireAs another winter approaches, New Hampshire is preparing for colder temperatures and high power bills. Some residents, however, are better prepared for the coming months because of their investment in a home or business-based solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation system. Not only are they going to pay much less for electricity than their non-solar neighbors; they also will be reducing their carbon footprint on the planet.

Purchasing a home solar system is less expensive than you think. New Hampshire’s solar incentives help drive the initial cost down, and with RGS Energy’s great financing options, New Hampshire homeowners on almost any budget can afford to go solar.

The federal Incentive Tax Credit: This is a credit against federal incomes taxes owed equal to 30 percent of the cost of installing your solar energy system.

Property tax exemptions: While the state of New Hampshire itself doesn’t offer a property tax exemption, it does allow its cities and towns to offer that incentive to their residents who purchase home PV systems. Within the state, of those towns that have adopted some form of tax exemptions for renewable energy investments, only Gorham and Plaistow are not offering property tax exemptions.

Rebates For energy produced: The New Hampshire Public Utility Commission (NHPUC) is accepting applications for rebates to homeowners who install a PV system of 5 kWh or smaller. The rebate levels are $.75 per watt of panel-rated power up to $3,750, or 50 percent of the total array cost, whichever is less.

Net metering: The meter that will be installed in your house with the PV system will measure both your PV electricity generation and your grid-sourced electricity usage. The meter can run forward (to measure how much grid-sourced energy you are consuming), and backward (to measure the excess PV electricity you are generating). You only pay for the net reading on the meter.

Increased property value: A California study revealed that homes with PV systems sell for higher prices than homes without them.

Free electricity (eventually): Paying off your PV system means your electricity is free for the life of the system. Most PV panels, including those offered by RGS Energy, carry 25-year warranties, but since the panels have no moving parts, they don’t really wear out. You may be enjoying the benefits of your investment for many winters to come.

RGS Energy has almost 40 years of experience in installing solar energy systems throughout the country, in a wide variety of settings. To find out how solar energy could power your home, visit

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