Car costs compare unfavorably to solar electricity costs

Car costs compare unfavorably to solar electricity costsIf you’re considering the benefits of adding a solar photovoltaic (PV) power system to your home, it may be helpful to compare purchasing a PV system to buying a car.

Let’s say you and your family are looking for a car to transport you through the phases of the year. Perhaps your children are involved in after-school activities, and you and your spouse work full time. Each summer, you plan to drive three hours to the cabin at Lake Beautiful, among other roadtrips. Because you are smart, you want to buy a car that provides stable, reliable service at a reasonable operating cost.

  • It must have high gas efficiency. You put “miles-per-gallon” at the top of the priority list.
  • It must be reliable. Your state experiences cold winters with lots of snow and ice.
  • It must be safe. The car will transport your most precious gift — your family.

However, as much as you want to choose a vehicle that fulfills your requirements many of the dangers and costs of owning a car are out of your control.

  • Gas prices fluctuate wildly over the course of a year. The price per gallon is affected by the volume of supply and the costs of extracting, refining and transporting it. Natural and man-made disasters have caused intense spikes in fuel prices as the raw materials are spilled; the pipelines fail or climate extremes drive up demand.
  • Vehicle maintenance can be very expensive, no matter what kind of car you buy. Parts and labor for repairs can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Safety threats can arise from many sources. The other drivers on the road can be hazardous, defective parts can fail during operation and harmful emissions might be much higher than the dealer declared.

Cost controls offer high benefits

What if you could purchase a car from a dealer who promised, in writing, that the car would have none of these problems? A vehicle that had predictable monthly fuel costs, no requirement on your part to pay for repairs or maintenance, and had zero impact on the environment? You’d buy it, of course.

Unfortunately, there is no such car. In today’s world, there are almost no goods or services that offer every family the features they are looking for — reasonable cost and long-term reliability that is totally clean and safe.

A home solar energy system gives you total cost control

There is one utility opportunity, however, that does offer all of these attributes — a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from RGS Energy. A solar PPA provides every home with predictable monthly costs, no cost for repairs or maintenance and zero impact on the environment. Further, RGS will guarantee that for 20 years.

Consider solar energy in these terms:

  • Fixed price per fuel unit: For a car, it is the price per gallon. For electricity, it is the price per kilowatt per hour (kWh). The price per gallon of gas rises and falls with great regularity. With an RGS PPA, the price per kWh can be locked in for 20 years. Because there are no extraction, refining or delivery costs of sunshine, there is no need for the cost per kWh to change. Fluctuations in your electric bill will come from how much electricity you use, not from the rate per kWh you pay.
  • No system maintenance costs: A PPA comes with a completely maintenance free system. RGS will install, maintain and repair your system throughout the life of the PPA term (20 years), and you can renew the agreement after that term for continued decades of reliable service. An RGS PPA includes free replacement parts if needed and free system insurance for your benefit, so damage to your home is covered in the extremely rare event of a system failure. There also is a monitoring service to track the production of your RGS system.
  • Truly safe and clean: Using electricity generated by a PV power system has no impact on the environment. The electricity is generated by the chemical reaction of the solar cells and sunlight. There is no “fuel” consumed, so there are no harmful emissions or gases.

The familiar informs the unfamiliar

The car analogy is helpful in explaining the benefits of PV electricity systems, as the vast majority of Americans have experience with cars and high gas prices, high repair costs and even medical costs due to car accidents or crashes. Imagine if your new car came with the benefits of the RGS PPA. Imagine paying the same cost per gallon of gas in 20 years as you pay today. Imagine that every car manufacturer included free lifetime maintenance and repairs on every vehicle they sold. Imagine that those cars provided safe, reliable transportation with no impact on the environment. If there were such a car, everyone would own one.

You may not be able to control your transportation costs, but you now have the opportunity to control the cost to power your home with an RGS PPA. And considering the rapidly fluctuating costs of living today, it’s nice to know that one cost is in your control.

To learn more about RGS Energy’s Purchase Power Agreement, visit today.

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