When paired with rooftop solar, sonnenBatteries provide a clean and reliable
way to further decrease your home’s reliance on traditional power.

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RGS Energy will help you determine the battery that will work best with your solar system while providing the amount of storage to meet your needs.

The Financial Value of Energy Storage

Solar production and energy usage don’t always match up. In some areas, electric rates fluctuate throughout the day. Typically power is cheapest during the day when your solar panels are at peak production, but your home usage is low.

Cheaper Electricity all Day

Affordable Energy

In certain areas, batteries can be used to offset expensive peak electric rates by using stored power that your solar panels generated during the day.



Batteries 101

Peace of Mind during a Power Outage

During a power outage, the battery (or the solar panel) will power what is called convenience loads. These are the things you need working when the power is out, such as lights, your heater, a refrigerator and maybe a TV.

Black Out Protection
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